Why Canal Trips Make Ideal Holidays

The summer is fast approaching, and people are booking holidays to enjoy some sunshine and rest. However, thanks to the ongoing chaos at airports, jetting abroad has lost its appeal and many have exhausted glamping vacations over the pandemic. That is why canal boat holidays could be the answer.

Read on to find out why.


  • Avoid travel disruptions

The great thing about canal holidays is there is no room for error. You simply pick up your boat and off you go.

There are no taxis to book, flights that could be cancelled or long delays at the airport, much like has recently been seen at UK travel hubs, with more than 300 scheduled flights cancelled over the Jubilee bank holiday alone, the BBC reported.


  • Blissful

The second thing to note is that canal holidays really are peaceful. If you want to escape the humdrum of normal life, the chaos of urban living and the stress of work and school commitments, this is how to do it.

Writing in The Telegraph, John Sergeant and Paul Miles wrote: “Anyone who has dreamt of a blissful cruising holiday, untroubled by the pitching and yawing of a seagoing boat, will be aware of canal envy.”


  • Lots of sights to see

What you see and do on your canal trip is really down to you. There’s the option to take in lots of sights along the route, as you travel through the country, or you could simply enjoy the adventure of being on the water.

There’s no pressure to fill your day with activities, as your scenery will change in front of you every minute of your trip.

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