Top Tips When Buying a Narrowboat

As we experience the first flushes of summer, many of us dream of hitching up a luxury canal boat and sailing down England’s incredible network of canals and locks.

Stepping onto a narrowboat shows you another side of England that you do not often get to see when on dry land, and with the onset of warmer weather, there is no better time to consider buying one.

However, before you do, here are some top tips to consider before handing over your money.


Treat The Purchase Like Buying A House

Narrowboats are more than a vehicle; they are a home and a place to rest your head. As a result, there are far more considerations to have before you buy.

Have a look around, step inside and get used to the layout, features and amenities. Look at what you can and cannot change, and start to visualise your life on the boat.

As well as this, make sure the boat has appropriate certification. Have a Boat Safety Scheme examination undertaken as part of the purchase deal, and make any sale contingent on the seller fixing any problems (or lowering the price accordingly).


Ask A Lot Of Questions

Every narrowboat is unique, and given that so few of them come with adequate instructions, ensure that your broker or the previous owner shows you the basics on getting the boat going, otherwise you will be stuck guessing whether a lever operates the throttle or disconnects everything.

Feel free to ask about service history and estimated running costs as well; the narrowboat community is exceptionally welcoming and will help to answer any questions you have before you get on the water.


Buy A Boat That Matches Your Needs

Much like with holiday homes, people buy narrowboats for many different reasons. Some plan to live on the water travelling from moor to moor, whilst others prefer to spend their summers at sea but otherwise stick to dry land.

Think about the purpose of your narrowboat and factor that into your purchasing decision. If you are living there full-time, particularly if you plan to work from the boat itself, you may be looking for a larger boat with more modern amenities such as plug sockets and charging points.

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