How To Keep Your Narrowboat Cool During The Summer

Winter has finally gone away for another year and we are able to enjoy the summer sun once again. Spring is slowly creeping in and summer is right around the corner which means it’s time to start preparing for the sunshine.

Planning ahead for your summer holiday is a great way to ensure you can have a fun-packed time and not miss a single thing. But amidst all the fun, it’s important to remember to think about the practicalities as well.

This is especially important if your plan includes a canal boat holiday. Trawling the canals in the sunshine sounds like absolute bliss, but just as these boats can get chilly in the winter, they can also get very warm in the summer.

There are several steps you can take to keep your narrowboat cool during the summer, so you are able to enjoy your holiday without working up a sweat.

While it’s unusual for the British summertime to get exceptionally hot, we have seen a rise in temperature over recent years so it’s best to prepare for the heat rather than not.

Narrowboats are small and confined, meaning they can get warm very easily. This is great in the winter, as it means you can heat your boat to a comfortable temperature quite easily. But what happens when you want to cool off?

Luckily, the fact that your boat sits in the water is a huge help. This can ensure the temperature doesn’t get too unbearable inside, as the water will usually keep at least the floor cool.

Another great tip is to move your boat to somewhere shaded or covered. This can help stop the sun’s rays from beating down and warming it up too much and also offers you respite from the bright sunlight.

If you can’t move your boat, try closing any windows or shutters to prevent any direct sunlight from singeing you and open as many windows as you are comfortable with to allow a breeze to travel through the boat.

If you have power in your boat, you may want to invest in a fan to help carry the cool air around the space.

Stagnant air can often feel hot and stuffy, so a fan will help even if it doesn’t cool the air down, just the movement can often help to lower the temperature inside.

Other ways to keep cool will help as well, such as wearing airy clothes in light colours, ensuring you are properly hydrated throughout the day and spending time sitting in the shade.

It is important to remember to properly protect yourself against the sun in the summertime. Wearing a hat, sunglasses and ensuring you are wearing a strong SPF can all help to protect you and your skin from sun damage.

It is also important that you try and stay as cool as possible as heat exhaustion can be unpleasant to deal with and may ruin your holiday, so seek shade and make sure you stay hydrated!

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